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Bob Allen's African Cichlids. -- Bob Allen's African Lake Exotics. Breeder of cichlids, killifish & catfish from Lake Tanganyika. Shipping from Salt Lake City on direct flights to US cities ... .
Note -- I hesitate to keep this link up as he is getting pretty long in the tooth -- and additionally he is an example of a non-reciprical linker -- he has never put up my web page on his links page...

FISH BREEDERS OF IDAHO BIG BEND TROUT & FISH PROCESSORS INC.I usually get a reaction when I tell someone that I sold a lot of my fish and tanks to the FBI. I recently sold most of my fish and tanks to this FBI (12:03 PM 9/22/2013). They have not yet picked up all of the tanks. I needed to slim down the operation here and of all the options -- I liked the idea that my breeding lines would be continued -- rather than just 'flipped' or sold off by a local fish store. The owner is Leo Ray and the main operation is in sturgeon, tilapia, catfish, and trout. Leo was raising some tropicals for TFW but wanted to expand in that area -- thus he called me. They are located in Beul/Hagerman area of Idaho on the snake river (they have artesian wells with hot and cold running water -- I am envious). His web site seems pretty unfinished. Here is a link to a mention of Leo Ray: A smiling picture of Leo and some info.
The FBI does some really interesting stuff there -- Leo told me about how they get caviar out of the sturgeon. They apparently cut them open with a scalpel and squirt out the caviar -- then sew up the incision. Oddly enough it is quite difficult to sex them and it is also a way to determine the sex. I asked him if that killed the fish and he said over the years they have only lost one sturgeon that way. I told him that in my opinion this skill make them 'sturgeon surgeons'. His web site gave a fake promise of a 'history of caviar'. There appears not to be a real link there so I give you this link: A History of Caviar.
And here is another link to the history of Caviar:
Another History of Caviar.


A Blog by David Zincavage. -- Another Right-Wing Web Aggregator and Purveyor of Unpopular Opinions.



The Drudge Report. -- An Aggregation of News and Purveyor of Varied Opinions. Links to almost any news site you can think of is available here.



Displays of Nature. -- My friend Jerry North has written a large book on the minerals of the Bingham Copper Mine here in Utah. He has some pictures on the website and the book has pictures and history of the mine.

Displays of Nature
Jerry's book. Photo, Jeff Scovil Click to Enter the site

Oople-logo.jpg( My Nephew's Clothing Website -- Tee Shirts, Hats, Etc. My nephew does not specifically communicate with me but from his facebook page announcements it would appear he now also has a brick-and-mortar store in San Antonio Texas and that it has all kinds of genre stuff in the animae, action figures, etc. I suspect that many of his generation have the dream of becoming an entrepreneur -- but in a specific field -- like emulating 'Hot Topic'. He is on his way to succeeding. If he gets wealthy I wonder if he would mind returning my 1960's baseball cards. I often wonder if the act of his father in latching on to them when I was in the marine corps started both Franklins down the path of card collection and influenced my nephew into this type of business.
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