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An old fish friend (Kent Ricks) has had some contact with some local store owners who were able to pay their way through college by selling various live foods. This was in the 1960s and their ads used to be on the back of TFH. Kent picked up a couple of tidbits of info on live foods that he shared recently. I don't know if he got it from the afore mentioned shop owners.

One was about fruit flies. He said to start a fruit fly culture -- just set up a clear cup with old fruit in the bottom -- he recommended an old banana. He put some excelsior (stuffing used in swamp coolers -- or equivalent -- perhaps straw) above the fruit and covered the cup with plastic food wrap. He said poke some holes in the plastic wrap and to just put it outside somewhere -- but not in the direct sunlight. The flies of your neighborhood will begin populating the culture. Unfortunately, these will be the 'winged' varieties of fruit flies requiring more attention to keep them out of your face.

Along the lines of this same piece of advice he said you could start your own microworm culture. Just cut a potato in half and scoop out some of the center and bury the half potato -- cut downward in your back yard. Come back a week or two later and dig it up. Scrape out a little of the surface of the scooped out area -- and you should have your own starter culture. Why use someone else's worms when your own personal yard variety is available. Use the numberous methods of culture available online -- but don't despair when you forget about taking care of them and they are all gone. Just go out and get a new culture from your back yard.

One last one from this guy: He said that a good food for black worms is to use the brown paper bags given by grocery stores. He says he tears them into small pieces -- avoiding the painted/printed areas -- and puts it in with his worms. I don't know about the value of this as food unless the worms can easily digest the fiber. Our black worm provider said he feeds his with small pellets -- possibly the 'crumble' we offer on our 'Products Offered' page.

No one appears to be asking me questions at the present time. I am hoping to get more responses to this website as my status of quadruple entendre for my alias (ancient mariner) depends on it. So here are some Fish FAQs I recommend:

A bouillabaisse of fascinating facts about fish (and other marine life from Woods Hole) -- Q: What species do you study at the NEFSC? -- Q: How long have you been studying fish? -- Q: Is life found at all depths in the ocean? -- Q: How many fish species are there? -- Etc.

Frequently Asked Questions at -- Which kind of cichlid do I have? -- I need information on parrot cichlids -- Are all cichlids one species? -- Why are my cichlids so aggressive? -- Etc.

FERMILAB FROG FAQs. . . -- So what makes a frog a frog? -- What do frogs eat? -- Why do the eggs have to be in water? -- How do frogs make their calls, or "ribbets"? -- Etc.

THE STORY OF THE GLOBE -- The History of Globes. The oldest known western terrestrial globe still in existence today (located in the Germanic Museum in Nuremberg, Germany) was made in 1492 by Martin Behaim of Nuremberg. However, it revealed a blank gap in the earth's land surface. The Header picture on our website is my artistic rendering of the tropical zone of that globe. 

Bertrand Russell's book on the problems of Philosophy -- This book explains most of the important issues of what knowledge really is and what is knowable and what is not knowable -- A starting point.

Kelly Ross's site on philosophy and history. Where my original exposure to a Nolan chart was found -- his essays, vitae, and history pages are long and detailed -- I have been looking at it since about 1996 and he appears to have finally given up libertarian politics as impractical?

Karl Pribram's book 'Conflicting Patterns of Thought' The seminal book for my thoughts on universalistic and nominalistic reasoning -- understanding Russell's book above and this book will help to explain more about the strange motives of everyone around you. It appears to have been written as a textbook for diplomats or other government employees that will have to go out into the world where different ideas prevail -- a starting point for understanding people everywhere as it is only the relative proportions of thinking types that vary from other countries to here -- immigration has brought all of these type home to the US.  *** Update *** The book appears to have been removed -- probably someone needs the money.


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