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We have always had a few of the smaller daphnia -- Moina macrocopa -- mixed in with our Russian Reds. We decided to separate them out and set up breeding cultures of just the moina. It is not difficult and if you do end up with moina in with your russian reds -- or vice versa -- here is the method to separate them. After you clean out the culture and re-set up a new container with the culture -- you should see any moina down at the bottom in congregations of red. Don't ask me why but they stay down at the bottom for a while in any new set up. We use a clear plastic eyedropper and just suck them up from the groups and put them into their own culture. They are also quite easy to identify with a low power microscope. We have a computer based microscope/endoscope that does about 120x. See some of the identification pics below -- the differences are obvious. The moina has a dark stripe down the length of the body and the tail ends in a weird little hook -- and of course they are smaller and more round.

They are sometimes called 'red moina' or japanese daphnia (as that is the consensus location where they were first found). They can be cultured in exactly the same manner as normal sized daphnia. They seem more active than our russian reds and will more easily form a cloud of buzzing bodies just below a light source. Here are a few links on raising them:

The University of Florida IFAS Extensions -- Culture Techniques of Moina : The Ideal Daphnia for Feeding Freshwater Fish Fry


Read the articles or any of the many similar web pages for more information on the species. See our article on culturing daphnia in this same web page group -- 'Products Offered'. This article describes the unique method of reproduction used by daphnia.

Info -- on culturing daphnia. Clicking on this link will download a Word Document file to your computer. It is safe -- and hopefully entertaining.

moina on a dime (note the large russian red to the right of the dime PageFiles/moina daphnia 1.jpg
Zoom in to see the distinctive black line and hooked tail -- like a question mark. There is a bonus to the left of the dime -- a dead fruit fly that ended up in the soup. The dime is 17.9 millimeters (0.705 inch) in diameter. The moina are even lined up from FDR's eye to point out the fly for you -- who knew they were so intelligent.   Click to Enlarge

moina pic with inserts from -- the site is in french but you can hit the translate button PageFiles/moina.jpg
Note the pics of the male and female and that in our moina pic and their larger mass of moina -- they are all females. If you have a 'Where's Waldo' fan -- let him/her see if there is even one male in our pic.   Click to Enlarge

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a pic of our russian red daphnia for comparison purposes russian red daphnia 1.jpg
  Click to Enlarge Note that if you zoom in you can see some shells -- remember it is a good thing as it shows they are growing.

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