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This site was originally set up in about 2006 when my wife and I were running a tropical fish store. We have had a tropical fish breeding setup and we used to sell wholesale to all of the local shops here in the SLC area for ten years before that time and then again after we closed the physical store in 2008. Most of the articles about fish were to help people with the fish that got from us -- or to help them become informed. I will be writing some articles on the store issues and about the wholesale business. In the heading I indicate that I have some philosophy to provide to interested parties. See the articles page for some of them. If you have an interest after reading them -- you can start a conversation with me at We currently have very few fish -- but Rhonda has exhibited an unusual interest in Axotols in the last couple of years. I will be putting up some of her pictures and creating a page listing what she currently has available. I will be putting up some of my programming efforts -- current and from the past. This will be detailed in the next section.

As an old VB6 programer I have put up some of my programs for the public to enjoy.

Note--You may think that old programs die off when the operating systems change -- but that is not entirely true. I find that all of my old programs work -- on PCs anyway as they are written to be used in Windows. Oddly enough the operating systems have gone from win95 right up to the current Win10 and all of the executable VB6 programs still work -- with some issues depending on the complexity. The main complexity issue I have found is in the support of the dimensioning of variables and the size of listindexes and similar components. Here are a few of the VB6 progams -- they should just work in any recent windows application. Known issues will be detailed.

Jumbleword--Crossword--Cryptoquote Solver Program.

Clicking on the above link will open a separate page on this jewel I wrote many years ago. ------------------

File Info -- Program (a program that will list the contents of windows file directories). 

Note -- clicking on the above link will download the file to your download directory.
Note that windows will flag any download of a .exe file as unsafe -- click on the down arrow and save anyway. Windows will also torture you when you try to run it with security warnings. My programs are safe so just 'run it'. It should just be placed in a directory of your choosing. You can create a shortcut link to it and put the link on your desktop -- or just click on the file in your directory when you need it. It will list the details of your drives (such as ID numbers -- you may never have known they had such things). Usually I just use the last listing option -- lists only -- and create a text file I can search -- for my videos for example. The other options will make a listing with all of the available info on the files -- creation date, modification date, size, etc. (in CSV format?). If for some reason it does not run -- read the info in the Jumble-UnJumble page and load and install the vb6 dll run file. I expect the program to run for many years into the future -- until the API is significantly modified -- an unlikely event.

I have recently added a few modifications to add creation of search lists as you may have noticed that windows does not provide a way to copy the search or file lists in Explorer. Type the desired search text or copy that name into the textbox to the right of the command buttons

One other command button will allow 'fixing' of file names. It will remove underscore characters and replace them with a space. It will also delete text from the filenames in the directory. If you have an annoying or long part of the filenames you would like to remove -- type or copy that name into the textbox to the right of the command buttons. The 'fix filenames' command button should be used with care as the filenames are permanently modified. 


FileInfoBook -- Program (2019 update of the FileInfo program) 

In addition to a list the contents of windows file directories -- I added the capability to remove selected text from the file names. I have downloaded some ebooks that had odd filenames with the download site included that needed to be removed). Note: this is the 'Fix Book Names' button. If that button is clicked -- any text as listed in the 'Text to Search box' will be excised. Also any brackets and underscores will be removed or changed to spaces. I use this program to sort through any of my collections saved on a PC. Added a search algorithm to allow a listing of a search (something needed in the file manager of windows). As a VB6 program it has the usual limitations with the number of files that the text window will hold. I create google documents of the directories -- and to overcome the limitations I move a number of files to a temporary directory -- then add that set to the google doc -- and repeat until the entire directory has been listed in the doc. The entire listing can now be searched using the 'find' fuction of the google document. Some care must be taken using the 'Fix Book Names' as to not delete important text in your filenames. Note that I also have listings of HTML webpages and a change to the title may make the file folder saved with it to become unusable -- use care in excising. I also added a picture of a palm tree in the upper left hand corner -- so I know I am using this latest version.
Note: The folder names in the directory do not show up in the textbox -- but they will show up at the top of the scratch form textbox -- as will the actual name of the drive (at the very top of the text). The letter of the drive changes so I am careful to give any removable drive a unique name.
Note also that the list is always alphabetical and does not represent the current view of the actual directory -- which may be sorted by size, date modified, or reverse alphabetical.
Note also that excising text requires the program to rename the file and if there is a file with the same name -- an error will occur. I trap for the error but you must manually fix such problems on your own.

Here are a couple of screenshots of the program:
Unjumble screenshot
An example listing a folder of ebooks; Click to Enlarge
Main Form for the Program
Main Program View Click to Enlarge

Info on books we have listed on our site

BookAnchors: List of all books currently on site w/links to pics

Note on the books -- It has been so long since we set this up that we can no longer locate all of the books -- so some may not be available.

Books001: A page of 60 books mostly SF

When the book cover or back is clicked on, a full scan of the cover is available for viewing. Read the back as you would when physically picking up the book in a store. The displayed picture is actually enlarged and shows more detail than you would see in just looking at the real book. More pages of books will be coming. Sets of book series and all books we have available from an author will be created in the future. Check out some of the covers such as the 'Retief's War' book cover.

Books002: Another page of 60 more books mostly SF Use same instructions as in books001 above.

Books003: Another page of 60 more books mostly SF Use same instructions as in books001 above.

Books004: Another page of 60 more books mostly SF Use same instructions as in books001 above.

Books005: Another page of 60 more books mostly SF Use same instructions as in books001 above.

Books006: Another page of 60 more books mostly SF Use same instructions as in books001 above.

Books007: Another page of 60 more books mostly SF Use same instructions as in books001 above.


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